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Cathalyst for Change ,in China Daily US Weekly, 

July 23, 2012

Video Message Celebrating the International Management Consultant's Day 2012 - Youtube

 Culture and Relational Competencesin «Harvard Business Review Italy», n° 11/2009

The "C" factorin «Meta», n° 9/2009

Facing Uncertaintyin «Meta», n° 3/2009

Profession Managerin «Harvard Business Review Italy», n° 3/2009

Lighthouses in the nightin «Meta», n° 12/2008

Perception of Southern Italian Brands in living industry

We also innovatein «Meta», n° 06/2008

Dangerous Connections,  in «Meta», n° 12/2007

It is time to share,  in «Meta», n° 10/2007

Able to change, in «Meta», n° 6/2007

Password: Overcoming national boundaries.  On «Il Sole 24 Ore», June 28, 2006

Voyage among management specialists in eight different Countries. New challenges: internationalization of business and networks.

Il secolo cinese (The Chinese century), in Biblioteca of "L'Impresa", n° 1/2006

Not only dark clouds in the sky for regional development,
in “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, 14 December 2005

China: first hardware, now software, in “Meta” n°6/2005

Our paradox , in «Meta» n°5/2005

Irriverent? Yes, very much so! , in «Meta» n°4/2005

White collars only, in «Meta» n°3/2005

You can compete, in “Meta” n°2/2005

Management review of a Laboratory of Chemical and Clinical Analysis, by L. Lonigro, F. D'Aprile, D. D'Aprile e C. Maurino,
in «Mecosan. Management ed economia sanitaria»,
Year II - N. 5 - January-March 1993

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