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Conferences, seminars and meetings, both organized by or in collaboration with our consultants.

Kiev, 25 February 2011
"Human Resources 100%, motivation, assessment, management " 

Lecture on Creative Management: From the Manager to the Management in developing Creativity and Innovation in the organization. Guest Lecturer: Mr Francesco D'Aprile

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Kiev, 27 May 2010
"Learning Creativity from Leonardo da Vinci" 

Lecture at International management Institute of Kiev. Guest Lecturer: Mr Francesco D'Aprile

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Mr D'Aprile's Interview on Human Resouces Magazine

Bari, 6 May 2010
"Professional Certification: need or opportunity" 

APCO- ICMCI - Dasy Net - Project Management Institute - University of Bari.  With Aneeta Madhok, Chair of ICMCI and  Eugene Bounds, Chair Board of Director of PMI, together with others.

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Zagreb, 1 October 2009
"Switching to Creativity and Innovation to compete on an Intercultural scenario. Learning from the genius of Leonardo da Vinci"
EDE - European Day of the Entrepreneur, organized by UMIS SMEA - Small and Medium Entrepreneurs' Association of Croatia.

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Milan, 21 November 2008
"Going to Far East: Technical and Cultural approach"
APCO - Italian Association of Management Consultants

Main Speaker: Mr Zhao Qiusheng - Chief Representative of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Italy (CCPIT)

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Sezana (Slovenia), 2-4  April 2008
"CEI Center European Initiative Technical workshop on SMEs Internationalization"
CEI - Central European Initiative

EBN - European Bic Networks

Sviluppo Italia Friuli Venezia Giulia

P&D Consulting

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Sofia (Bulgaria), 20 November 2007
"X Summit Economic Forum" 
- Section 2.2- Internationalization of SMEs
CEI - Central European Initiative          

Bari, 29 November 2006
"Development perspectives on Puglia-China Relationships"
Regione Puglia, Italy                                                 

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Tirana (Albania), 22 November 2006
"IX Summit Economic Forum"

Stream 3.2 - Competitiveness through Innovation
CEI - Central European Initiative              

Rijeka (Croatia), 14 November 2006
"Position of employers in Croatia"
HUP - Croatian National Association of Entrepreneurs

Sofia (Bulgaria), 31 October 2006
"South East Economic Forum"
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria             National Palace of Culture

Plovdiv (Bulgaria), 27 September 2006
"Stuctural Founds, programs and opportunities for Bulgarian firms"
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria          Plodviv International Fair

Milan, 19 September 2006
"Developing relationships between professionals and manifacturing firms"
Unione Commercio, Turismo, Servizi e Professioni di Milano, Sala Commercio.

Bari, 29 June 2006
"Culture and Market knowledge  to develop business in China"
Polytechnic University, Bari

Milan, 23 June 2006
"Year 2006. Consultants Identikit"
Confederation of Trade, Tourism and Professions

Milan, 16 June 2006
"How are Innovation and Risk Management in Europe affecting Consultants. Dive or Die"
Confederation of Trade, Tourism and Professions

Milan, 25 May 2006
"Qualitaty for Competition"
Milan Exhibition City Congress

Florence, 24 May 2006
"Restart through Innovation"
Conference Center, Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato

Bari, 27 March 2006

"Fashion: between culture and business"
Villa Romanazzi Carducci

Beijing, 23 March, 2006
"Unveiling the Mystique of Made in Italy -- Fashion Strategy & Branding as a case example"
School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, Beijing

Florence, 22 February 2006
“The meaning of Made in Italy: The strategic battle for enterprise repositioning”
Florence Chamber of Commerce

Zagreb, 19-20 January 2006
“Made in Croatia. Made in Italy. The challenge of business strategic repositioning”
Croatia, UPS – AMC, Pavla Hatza 12

Rome, 1 December 2005
“Project Management: Professionalism or Management Competency?”
Organized by AMF & Partners

Milan, 29 November 2005
“Entrepreneurial Dwarfism and Global Market:
How fit to compete?”

Organized by APCO

Rome, 10 November 2005
Round-table discussion
“100,000 quality certifications”
Organized by SINCERT, Italian NationalSystem for Accreditation of Certification and Inspection Bodies.

Zagreb, 6 October 2005
“Social Enterpreneurship in the 21st Century”
Organized by the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Association, Zagreb

Shanghai, 17-18 September 2005
Word Summit
“Consultant meet Consultant and Client”

International meeting between consultants and clients, promoted by APCO and partners: APCO, ICMCI, CEC (China Enterprise Confederation), FV UBIT (Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy and Information Technology)

Bari, 28 April 2005
“The meaning of Made in Italy: The challenge of business strategic reposition”
Bari Chamber of Commerce

Udine, 5 -6 November 2004
“Consultant meet Consultant and Client”
international meeting between consultants and clients, promoted by APCO and partners: APCO, ICMCI, FEACO (European Federation of Management Consultancies Association)

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